Caribbean Yacht Charter – The Guide to Yacht Charter in the Caribbean

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Caribbean sea

In the Caribbean, sea activities are everywhere, in a landscape worthy of a postcard. Looking for a colourful destination in the Atlantic Ocean? The plethora of islands in the Lesser and Greater Antilles promises an unforgettable holiday. Each territory has its own identity and charm. A single holiday is all it takes to discover the treasures of these little corners of paradise. Choose your Caribbean destination according to your desires.

What are the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean?

On the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antilles, the Dominican Republic’s cultural cities and myriad national parks have earned it its status as the Caribbean’s top destination. Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of San Domingo, the capital, with its many sights to discover. The city is an ideal blend of tradition and modernity. Monuments such as the Alcázar de Colón and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Incarnation still stand today as testimony to the Dominican Republic’s rich colonial past.

Relax in the shade of the coconut palms on Punta Cana’s beaches and take advantage of the plethora of water sports on offer at the resort. For a getaway close to nature, opt for an excursion to the Eastern National Park. This site takes you to meet over 300 species of birds living in freedom in an unspoilt green setting.

With its musical ambience and beautiful scenery, Jamaica is not only one of the must-visit destinations in the Greater Antilles, but also one of the cheapest in the Caribbean. Although the island is best known for its rich cultural heritage – including reggae – there are plenty of water-based adventures on offer, including dolphin diving, bamboo rafting and catamaran cruises. The island has a multitude of waterfalls for you to discover. Its many hiking trails are a delight for nature lovers. On the eastern side of the island, the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is home to a fine example of the country’s biodiversity and offers the promise of an enriching experience in the heart of a landscape that has remained authentic.

Make the most of your Caribbean holiday to discover the two contrasting faces of Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten, the smallest island in the Caribbean Sea. On the one hand, the French side of the island offers a relaxing seaside experience, while the Dutch side boasts a festive atmosphere and exciting nightlife. A visit to Saint-Martin, which is considered the gastronomic capital of the West Indies, is also an opportunity to sample some of the island’s delicacies: stuffed crabs, cod acras, Saint-Martin-style ribs, johnny/journey cakes, and more.

Caribbean sea

In Cuba, the largest island in the Greater Antilles, beaches and colonial towns vibrate to the rhythm of the salsa. It’s hard to visit the island without soaking up the special atmosphere of its capital, Havana. Behind its picture-postcard allure, punctuated by mansions from another era and old American cars, lies a vibrant, dynamic city that lends itself to exploration. Wander through the narrow streets of its old town and don’t miss the must-see sights, such as the statue of Christ, San Cristobal Cathedral and the Castell del Morro. In Trinidad, get ready to step back in time. The colourful houses of its colonial city provide an enchanting backdrop for a horse-drawn carriage ride. The spectacle of street musicians provides a pleasant backdrop.

The Caribbean also has a wealth of destinations for a honeymoon to match. Renowned for its wild coves and sugarloaf-shaped peaks, Saint Lucia offers the perfect setting for your romantic holiday. The island offers a more tranquil atmosphere than the other Caribbean islands, and abounds in spots for swimming, scuba diving and other water sports.

Located at the southernmost tip of the Caribbean Sea, Aruba is one of the region’s luxury destinations. Its turquoise beaches provide the backdrop for photos of your swimming holiday, and there’s no shortage of entertainment activities: shopping in the luxury boutiques, golf, a trip to the casino, and so on. Hiking along its many trails leads to a variety of landscapes, from deserted cactus scenes to rugged coastal cliffs and deserted beaches.

When is the best time to visit the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is one of the best destinations to visit during the European winter and spring. From December to May, the weather is at its best, with temperatures hovering around 28°C. The warmth of the sea is ideal for swimming. Considered to be the high season, however, this period sees a huge influx of tourists, and it is advisable to book your stay as early as possible.

Although the sun is always out, the months of June to November are marked by regular showers over much of the Caribbean. The hurricane season, between August and September, is particularly to be avoided.

However, reduced visitor numbers are prompting travel agencies to offer special promotions. If you’re not afraid of adventure, a trip to the Caribbean during this period could be worthwhile and economical. What’s more, destinations such as Aruba.

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How do you get around?

The variety of destinations in the Caribbean means that there are different ways of getting around each territory. In general, you can hire a private car or scooter to help you get around the island of your choice. You can also explore your destination at your own pace. You can also hire a taxi or opt for a more economical means of transport: the bus. To link the various Caribbean islands, you can choose between a ferry or a regional flight. You can also take a private transfer by plane or boat to a neighbouring island.