Boat rental Tahiti: the complete guide

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Embarking on a sailing adventure in Tahiti is an invitation to discover the hidden splendours of the Pacific Ocean. This article offers you a complete guide to turning this dream into reality, while highlighting the unsuspected treasures of the waters of French Polynesia. Anticipate a memorable sea escapade in one of the most breathtaking destinations on the globe, accessible via yacht charter.

Welcome to Yacht Charter Adventure, your gateway to adventure in Polynesian paradise. Our love of the ocean, sailing and marine exploration is reflected in our commitment to providing you with an unparalleled experience in and around Tahiti. With an experienced team of passionate sailors who have sailed the world’s oceans, we are available to accompany you on your tropical voyage.

We invite you to dive into Tahiti’s translucent waters, explore your charter options and discover the wonders this Polynesian jewel has to offer.

How to organize a boat rental in Tahiti? Heading for adventure

Choosing to charter a boat in Tahiti means opting for an out-of-the-ordinary getaway. The crystal-clear waters and heavenly landscapes of French Polynesia are just waiting for you. But how do you get started? Our team is ready to help you plan every aspect of your charter. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice to the sea, we have the perfect yacht for you.

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Our Varied Range of Charter Boats

At Yacht Charter Adventure, we understand that every maritime explorer has unique expectations. That’s why we’ve carefully selected a fleet of charter boats ready to meet all your adventure desires. Here is an overview of our exclusive offers:

Sailing boats

Lovers of real thrills and authentic discovery will be charmed by our selection of sailing yachts for charter. Whether you opt for an elegant monohull, ideal for solo sailors or couples, or a spacious catamaran, perfect for groups looking to share convivial moments at sea, our sailing yachts promise to sail with the wind, discovering mysterious islands.


For those seeking efficiency and dynamism in their exploration of Tahiti’s jewels, our motorboats for hire are the preferred option. They will take you swiftly through the azure waters, leading you to unexplored beaches and hidden corners of the sea, for an adventure rich in discovery and emotion.

Luxury yachts

Our collection of luxury yachts for charter is designed to offer a sailing experience without compromising on luxury and opulence. These jewels of the seas, equipped with the latest technology and fitted out with refinement, are the ideal choice for those who wish to combine maritime adventure with excellence and supreme comfort.


Our catamarans for charter, renowned for their stability and generous space, are perfect for families and groups of friends looking to create lasting memories together. Their design offers not only optimum comfort but also an ideal platform for group activities, ensuring an unforgettable shared experience on the water.

Whatever your yacht charter preferences or level of marine experience, our dedicated team is on hand to guide you to the perfect choice. We are committed to offering you full transparency and expert advice on every yacht in our fleet, ensuring that your selection delivers the satisfaction and adventure you are looking for.

Sunset in Tahiti

The Treasures of Tahiti

Tahiti is a world-renowned dream destination. Its immaculate beaches, sparkling lagoons and lush landscapes make it a veritable Eden. Here are a few activities not to be missed during your stay:

  1. Mask and snorkel dive: Immerse yourself in the coral reefs to admire spectacular marine life. Tahiti offers some of the richest diving sites in the world.
  2. Hiking: Explore Tahiti’s wild interior on trails that lead to breathtaking views, including the majestic Papenoo Valley.
  3. Cruises: Charter a yacht and expand your horizons to nearby islands such as Moorea and Bora Bora, or even watch the majestic whales in their natural habitat.
  4. Lazing on the Beaches: Take advantage of Tahiti’s heavenly beaches to relax, read, or simply admire a memorable sunset.

Rental rates

Charter costs in Tahiti depend on various factors such as the type of boat, its size, the duration of the charter and the season. At Yacht Seychelles, we are committed to offering you fair and affordable prices to make your sailing dreams come true.

Contact our team for a quotation tailored to your specific needs. We are committed to helping you select the ideal boat within your charter budget.

Lagoon of Tahiti

Ready for an adventure?

Hiring a boat in Tahiti promises an unbeatable getaway. Set off to discover deserted islands, dive into pure blue waters, and experience the enchantment of French Polynesia. At Yacht Charter Adventure, we are at your disposal to make your trip as easy as possible. Contact us for more information, sailing tips, or to book your next Tahitian yacht charter getaway. Come on board with us for an exceptional nautical adventure.

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