Boat rental in Malaysia: an unforgettable trip awaits you

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Renting a boat in Malaysia is an option to consider if you’re planning to visit this country. This territory is divided into two parts: the peninsula and northern Borneo. It boasts heavenly spots of all kinds. This article gives you an overview of the must-see places, as well as some important tips for your stay.

Why choose yacht charter in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a country surrounded by several islands. By renting a boat, you’ll be able to visit them with complete peace of mind, at the pace that suits you best. In addition, you’ll have less chance of running into crowds. If you’re fascinated by the world of maritime navigation, you’ll love cruising the waters between the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea. Malaysian waters also boast some extraordinary diving sites. It’s more convenient to go diving or snorkelling by renting a boat. As well as discovering unspoilt coral reefs, you can swim with colourful fish. Some sites are also teeming with sea turtles.

Moreover, renting a boat in Malaysia is a great option when it comes to flexibility. It’s up to you to decide when to set off on a thrilling adventure or spend a relaxing moment aboard your boat. It’s also possible to create a personalised itinerary. Discovering the local culture is another advantage. As you sail along the coast, you’ll have the chance to visit fishing villages and taste traditional dishes. In financial terms, you can save money by renting a boat on a long-term basis, compared with booking separate excursions. Last but not least, a getaway at sea offers splendid views that are incomparable with land excursions.

Choosing the ideal boat

Sailing boats

Sailboats are quiet, which is great for relaxing at sea. What’s more, it’s cheaper to rent this type of craft. In terms of safety, it’s worth noting that a sailboat has very little chance of capsizing, due to the presence of a centreboard or keel in the structure. It’s also worth noting that you won’t break down, as it doesn’t use an engine. Finally, this type of boat allows you to be in harmony with nature.


Many people fall for motorboats because of their speed. If you’re planning to visit as many destinations as possible in a short space of time, go for this type of craft. When it comes to comfort, all your expectations will be met. These boats, particularly yachts, can accommodate many people.


Catamarans offer stability. You’ll be able to enjoy your outings on Malaysian waters in comfort. The cockpit is more spacious. In terms of accessibility, a catamaran can take you to a wide range of areas, as it has a shallow draught.

How do you charter a boat successfully?

If you don’t get it right, hiring a boat can become a problem. That’s why it’s important to prepare everything properly. Before taking delivery, remember to check the boat and don’t hesitate to ask the charter company questions if you have any doubts about the controls and equipment. You should also consider the weather. Malaysia is best visited between March and May, or in September and October. If you go from November onwards, you’ll have to deal with the rainy season.

Top destinations to explore by boat

The Langkawi archipelago

The Langkawi archipelago is made up of around a hundred islands. For the record, there are only four inhabited islands. The must-see spots are the Telaga Tujuhla waterfalls, the lake on Pulau Dayang Bunting island and the Mahsuri tomb. If you’re a keen scuba diver, a trip to the island of Pulau Payar is a must. The island’s marine life is sure to amaze you. You’ll come across clown fish, moray eels, eels and sharks, among others. A considerable advantage of visiting this archipelago is the presence of four marinas, which is handy if you’re using a yacht for your getaway.

The Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands are made up of two islands, Pulau Kecil and Pulau Besar. The first is the smaller of the two. Its golden sand is what makes it unique. The beach on this island is known as Long Beach. If you like to party, you won’t be disappointed, as there are plenty of beach bars. There are also restaurants. The other side of Pulau Kecil is called Coral Bay. This is a popular spot for its calmness. Don’t hesitate to drop in when you’re tired of partying. The second, and largest, is perfect for socialising. Pulau Besar is an ideal place to stay away from the crowds.

Tioman Island

If you’re heading east in Malaysia, you should visit Tioman Island. It’s quite a wilderness and a great place for hiking, but it’s the turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs that symbolises the pride of this place. So, it would be a shame not to try your hand at snorkelling. If you’re lucky, you might spot turtles or blacktip sharks.

The islands of Sipadan and Mabul

The islands of Sipadan and Mabul are ideal for diving enthusiasts. They’re a must-see if you’re a diver at heart. It’s important to point out that, apart from this activity, there really isn’t much to do.

Respect for the environment and sustainable navigation

If you’re visiting a country, it goes without saying that respect for the environment must come first. Coral reefs are home to more than a quarter of the world’s marine species. So you need to be careful not to damage them. It’s also important not to throw your rubbish into the sea. All this applies to your visit to Malaysia, which is world-renowned for its marine life.

We’ve seen that there are many advantages to exploring Malaysia by boat, particularly because of the islands that surround it. So, consider renting a boat for this adventure. Whether it’s aboard a sailing yacht, catamaran or motorboat, you’ll have the time of your life. Choose your boat at Yacht Charter Adventure.

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