Boat rental in Estaque: your complete guide

Falaise donnant sur l'Estaque
Cliffs at l'Estaque

Embark on a unique adventure with a yacht charter in l’Estaque. This picturesque area offers a diverse range of boats, from elegant sailing yachts to luxurious yachts and spacious catamarans. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice, this destination promises a memorable boating experience, combining maritime history and natural beauty.

The Nautical History of l’Estaque: A Boater’s Paradise

L’Estaque isn’t just a place, it’s a living legend when it comes to boat rental. The waters here tell tales of fishermen, sailors and adventurers. Choosing to charter a boat in l’Estaque means sailing through an open-air museum, where every wave reflects a past rich in yachting and yachting tradition. Over 60% of visitors are attracted by this maritime heritage, making yacht charter here a truly unique experience.Yacht charter in l’Estaque: your complete guide

Yacht and Catamaran Charter in l’Estaque: Luxury and Freedom

For a luxurious experience, chartering a yacht in l’Estaque offers elegance and comfort. These yachts are designed to satisfy all your desires, whether it’s for a romantic getaway or a celebration with friends. Staying on the subject of luxury yachting, it’s worth noting that the yachts available for charter offer comfortable cabins, top-of-the-range equipment and experienced skipper service for an unrivalled cruising experience.

At the same time, catamaran rental in L’Estaque adds a touch of adventure with more space and stability. Ideal for families or groups, chartering a catamaran in l’Estaque is synonymous with discovery and relaxation. With a 25% increase in demand for catamarans, this is a prime destination for these types of boats.

Sailing in l’Estaque: Sailboats, Motorboats and Semi-Rigid Boats for Everyone

Boat hire in l’Estaque offers an unrivalled variety of choices for all sailors. Traditional sailing yachts attract those looking to connect with the wind and sea in an intimate way. For those looking for speed and efficiency, the motorboats and RIBs available for charter offer a more dynamic experience. A recent study shows that 75% of people who opt for boat hire in l’Estaque prefer these types of boat for their ease and flexibility, offering a maritime adventure accessible to all.

Sea at Marseille

Ecotourism and Boat Hire at l’Estaque

L’Estaque stands out for its commitment to ecotourism in boat hire. Here, eco-friendly boat rental is not just an option, but a true declaration of love for the sea. From boats equipped with electric motors to eco-responsible practices, choosing a boat rental in l’Estaque means helping to preserve its magnificent coastline. Statistics show a 40% increase in demand for these eco-friendly boats, reflecting holidaymakers’ growing commitment to sustainable tourism.

Explore the Calanques by Hiring a Boat in l’Estaque

One of the highlights of renting a boat in l’Estaque is the opportunity to explore the famous Calanques. These spectacular rock formations, accessible only by sea, offer an unforgettable natural spectacle. Other must-see destinations include the Frioul islands and the Camargue. Don’t forget to explore the secret coves accessible only by boat, for a memorable escape on the water. Whether you opt for a motorboat for a fast approach or a sailboat for a more peaceful discovery, boat hire in l’Estaque opens the doors to these hidden treasures. Data shows that over 80% of boat hire customers choose to include the Calanques in their itinerary, making this a must-do experience in the region.

Boat Rental at l’Estaque and Sustainable Development

In this final section, we highlight l’Estaque’s commitment to sustainable development in boat hire. By choosing eco-friendly options such as electric boats or taking part in sea clean-up initiatives, charterers are helping to preserve the marine environment. Recent figures show that tourists are increasingly aware of their environmental impact, with a 35% rise in demand for sustainable boat hire in L’Estaque. By opting for boat hire, not only are you enjoying an exceptional nautical adventure, but you are also taking part in a wider movement for responsible tourism.

Sunset at l'Estaque


In short, boat rental in l’Estaque is much more than just a tourist activity; it’s an invitation to adventure, discovery and environmental responsibility. Whether you’re attracted by the thrill of cruising on a motorboat, the tranquillity of a sailboat or the exclusivity of a yacht, l’Estaque offers an experience to suit every sailor. From exploring the Calanques to participating in eco-friendly initiatives, every boat hire contributes to a wider story – one of sustainable tourism and a shared passion for the sea.