Yacht charter in Île d’Yeu: Set course for a Breton treasure

boat rental in Ile d'Yeu

Interested in Ile d’Yeu yacht charter? You should know that it’s an untouched jewel of the Atlantic. Hire a boat and explore its wild coastline, turquoise coves and picturesque villages. Accessible by ferry from Fromentine (17 km), the island offers an authentic haven of peace. Admire its cliffs, beaches, salt marshes and verdant woods. Visit the Old Port, the General de Gaulle monument and the Phare des Corbeaux lighthouse. The Château de la Chaume is perfect for history buffs, and hiking and biking for sports enthusiasts. Sail, approach the neighbouring islands and enjoy breathtaking panoramas. Fishing, diving or relaxing on deck, the choice is yours! Île d’Yeu is perfect for holidays with the family, friends or just the two of you. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, there’s something for everyone.

Why choose Yeu Island for boat rental?

The Ile d’Yeu stands out as a privileged destination for boat rental, offering an incomparable maritime experience. Its spectacular scenery, rich culture and authentic atmosphere make it a true paradise for sailors.

1. A unique maritime landscape

The island boasts a panoramic sea view of rare beauty, with its rugged coastline cut by turquoise coves and fine sandy beaches. Sail along the steep cliffs, admire the picturesque harbours and let yourself be charmed by the diversity of the coastal scenery.

2. Marine life

The island of Yeu is home to a wealth of marine flora and fauna. During your boat trips, you may be lucky enough to spot dolphins, seals or seabirds. Explore the seabed and discover a multitude of colourful fish, seaweed and other underwater wonders.

3. Cultural and historical wealth

The island of Yeu has a fascinating cultural and historical heritage, visible from the sea. Admire the Old Port, a vestige of a bygone era, and the monument to General de Gaulle, overlooking the ocean. Sail close to the Château de la Chaume, an ancient medieval fortress, and let yourself be transported by the history of the island.

4. Local events and traditions

Yeu Island is alive with local events and traditions throughout the year. Attend the langoustine festival in July, watch the traditional boat races in August or take part in the Christmas festivities in December.

Hiring a boat will allow you to experience these unique moments at the heart of the local culture and share in the authenticity of the Ile d’Yeu.

5. An authentic haven of peace

Yeu Island offers a haven of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. Sail in a calm environment and feel the serenity that emanates from its landscapes. Enjoy the fresh sea air and be lulled by the lapping of the waves. Ile d’Yeu is the ideal place to recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature.

Types of boats available for rental in Ile d’Yeu

L’Île d’Yeu offers a wide range of rental boats to suit all needs and budgets. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or just a thrill-seeker, you’re bound to find the ideal boat for your sea getaway.

1. Motorboats

Motorboats are perfect for those looking for a fast, thrilling ride. They allow you to sail along the island’s coast at high speed and access secluded coves inaccessible to other types of boat.

Rental rates and options:

– Half-day or full-day rentals

– Wide choice of models and power ratings

– Possibility of rental with or without skipper

2. Sailing boats

For a sailing experience when you rent a boat in Ile d’Yeu, opt for a sailboat. Sail with the wind, enjoy the tranquillity of the sea and admire the scenery from a different angle.

Tips for sailing around the island:

– Check the weather conditions before setting sail

– Plan your route and take account of the tides

– Don’t forget to bring sun cream, a hat and water.

3. Catamarans

Catamarans offer ideal comfort and stability for groups and families. With plenty of space inside and out, they allow you to make the most of your time at sea.

Rental options and equipment on board:

– Daily or weekly rentals

– Models with several cabins and bathrooms

– Fully equipped galley, barbecue and outdoor saloon

– Water sports equipment (windsurfing, kayaking, etc.)

Itineraries and Popular Destinations on Ile d’Yeu

Tour of the island

Points of interest not to be missed:

Le Vieux Château: A picturesque medieval castle that stands on a rocky promontory, offering a breathtaking view of the ocean.

La Pointe des Corbeaux: An iconic spot with lighthouses and sheer cliffs, perfect for lovers of photography and seascapes.

Les Sables d’Or: A magnificent golden sandy beach, ideal for a relaxing swim or a stroll along the shore.

A lighthouse on Ile d'Yeu

Duration and practical tips:

– Recommended duration: A full day to tour the island at a leisurely pace, with frequent stops to admire the scenery and visit places of interest.

– Practical tips: Wear comfortable clothes and suitable footwear, bring water and snacks, and don’t forget sun cream and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Excursions to secluded beaches

Beaches accessible only by boat:

Plage des Vieilles: A secret beach surrounded by cliffs, offering an idyllic setting for those looking to escape the crowds.

Anse des Soux: A small, tranquil cove, perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature in complete peace and quiet.

Activities (snorkelling, picnics, etc.) :

– Snorkelling: The clear waters around the Ile d’Yeu are ideal for snorkelling, allowing you to discover a rich and colourful marine life.

– Picnics: Packing a packed lunch and enjoying a picnic on a secluded beach is a must if you want to fully appreciate the island’s natural beauty.

Visits to marinas

Description of the main harbours:

Port-Joinville: The island’s main port, lively and full of charm, with its quays lined with restaurants, cafés and shops. It is also the main arrival point for ferries.

Port de la Meule: A picturesque little port nestling in a cove, famous for its peaceful atmosphere and traditional stone houses.

Services and amenities available:

Port-Joinville: Here you’ll find a wide range of services, including boat rentals, fresh fish markets, souvenir shops and tourist information points.

Port de la Meule: Although smaller, this harbour offers essential services such as a restaurant, bar and facilities for boaters, including mooring points and basic amenities.

Boat Rental Tips for Ile d’Yeu

Renting a boat on the Ile d’Yeu is a fantastic experience, but it’s important to be well prepared if you want to make the most of your time at sea. Here are a few practical tips to help you organise your boat rental on the Ile d’Yeu.

1. Choosing the right service provider

The first step is to choose a reliable and renowned boat rental company. Take the time to compare the different offers available and select a provider that meets your needs and budget.

Selection criteria:

– Reputation of the service provider: Find out about customer reviews and the reputation of the service provider.

– Customer reviews: Check online reviews to get an idea of the quality of the services offered.

– Services included: Make sure the rental price includes all the services you need (insurance, assistance, etc.).

Compare rental rates and conditions:

– Compare prices from different providers to find the best deal.

– Pay attention to the rental conditions, such as the amount of the deposit, opening hours and sailing restrictions.

2. Preparing your trip

Once you’ve chosen your provider, it’s important to prepare well for your trip out to sea.

Essential equipment to take with you:

– Sun cream, hat and sunglasses

– Water and food

– Swimming costume and beach towel

– Medication

– Mobile phone and charger

Safety advice and maritime regulations:

– Find out about the weather conditions before setting sail.

– Respect the authorised navigation zones and maritime safety rules.

– Wear a life jacket if necessary.

– Do not sail under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

3. Learning to sail

If you have no sailing experience, it is advisable to take a course or undergo training before renting a boat. You can also opt for a rental with a skipper, who will accompany and guide you throughout your trip.

Information on courses and training available:

– Many service providers on the Ile d’Yeu offer sailing courses and training for beginners.

– Check with tourist offices or sailing schools to find out what options are available.

Advice for beginners:

– Start with a short-term rental to familiarise yourself with the boat.

– Sail in calm areas and avoid crowded areas.

– Be careful and respect other sailors.

By following these practical tips, you can be sure of a safe, enjoyable and unforgettable boat rental experience on the Ile d’Yeu.

Sunset at Ile d'Yeu


Ile d’Yeu is an ideal destination for a yacht charter. Its spectacular scenery, rich culture and authentic atmosphere make it a true sailor’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for a quick trip to admire the coastline or a full day exploring the secluded coves, you’re bound to find an itinerary to suit you.